Tuesday, June 19, 2012

World Record Day

Wednesday June 13th

On Wednesday it was time to meet some aboriginal women.  Sr. Rosemary drove me out to West Sydney, to sit in on a meeting of the Baabayn organization.  The Baabayn organization is basically a group of women elders in the aboriginal community dedicated to awareness and advocacy of indigenous issues.  It was a amazing to listen to all the group had done and planned to do.  They really take their role seriously and aim to make big changes.  After their meeting, Sister and I stayed for some lunch and a chat.  The women were so friendly and welcoming, it was a very pleasant afternoon.  I learned a lot about the problems the aboriginal people deal with, and how they hope to fix them.

Wednesday night was the State of Origin Rugby League game.  It is a match between Queensland and New South Wales.  Its similar to an all star game because the best players from the various teams go back to play for their home state.  The atmosphere resembles an Olympics event and with 83,000 people at the stadium, it was really cool to witness first-hand.  Another cool aspect was that the stadium gave out free blue curly wigs and when over 12,000 people put them on we were told that we had broken a World Record for most wigged people in one place.  The World Record on top of NSW winning a tight game made the night one to remember.

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